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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's in a Name? {Introducing East Coast Creative}

Well lookie here… a new blog name and a whole new look! {Eeek!}
Let us tell you that this has been one crazy journey.  If you’re new around here or missed the drama he’s the low down…

We’re a DIY and home d├ęcor blog.  We’re Housewives.  We’re Real.  But, now we’re East Coast Creative…the bloggers formerly known as “The Real Housewives of Bucks County.” Hey, if Prince can do it, so can we! Change stinks, but we love our new name! So, our name is different, but everything else is the same.  We’ll still be bringing you awesome DIY projects, cool design trends, and plenty of goofy Monica and Jess tossed in. 

Here’s where you come in… 

1.    We need help letting people know that East Coast Creative is still us!  Facebook it, Tweet it, give us a shout out on your blog, whatever it takes. We want the world to know we’re still here!

  2.    For now, the old address will work, but (as soon as it's functional, hopefully sometime today) try to get in the habit of using 
*will be working soon!

       3.     Let’s all just put RHBC behind us and move on.  {Excuse us while we weep in the corner}

On another note… none of this would be possible without the amazing talent of Kim at 733 Designs. She put up with a lot of our crazy ideas, slight breakdowns, and was super helpful and fast in making this all happen. 

Finally, we are so thankful for all of YOU! The positive feedback we get from you (especially in response to yesterday’s post) is so encouraging.  We love this blog no matter what the name,(wait… what’s the name again??) and we’re so glad you do too. 

Soooo....what do you think?!

With love,
The Bloggers Formerly Known as The Real Housewives of Bucks County

** Other blog post titles that were considered:
-How not to get sued
-East Coast What???
-The Housewives are Dead to us
-Crap we need a blog name
-A Case of Mistaken Identity


  1. Love the new name!! And the EC2 logo-awesome!

  2. Congrats on the new name, page, etc!! Will help by sharing =)

  3. I love following you ladies! But the new link doesn't work

  4. I love it!!! I think the design is frest & the name is great! :)

    But the link doesn't work :(

  5. Love the new name... East Coast Rocks! ;)

  6. I love the look and the new name! Beautiful and awesome!

    The Housewives are Dead to us was my favorite though:0)

  7. As a former Bucks County gal (I grew up there), I think it's fab that you fought the good fight for your old name - but now it's on to bigger and better things girls!

    Here's to the East Coast!

  8. I will tweet and fb;) love the new name!

  9. Great name!!! Congratulations! :)
    p.s. are you moving to wordpress or staying on blogspot?

  10. oh wait, you already did????

  11. Congrats on the new name! Love it :)

  12. Looks and sounds great! Still with you no matter what you call yourselves! Congrats!