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Monday, October 31, 2011

{Happy Halloween?}

Hmm... does this look like halloween to you???
This will be quite a memorable halloween on the east coast.  My kids will be out trick or treating with this backdrop...
Yup, those are really pics from my cell phone of our yard! Insanity!

Before I get into a little halloween fun, let me just tell you what a crazy weekend Jess and I had.  You might have heard that a certain Mr. Berkus gave us another challenge that we taped this weekend. I can't say much, but let me just tell you that snow and power outtages were just the beginning of the craziness! I can't wait until we can tell you all about it!

Now, get ready for some randomness...
Every year Jess hosts a halloween party for trick or treating and then dessert.  It's always a fun time and the last few years the adults have gotten into the costume fun too! Last year, I wore Kenzie's old batgirl outfit and Jess whipped up a Sherlock Holmes costume.  This year we're actually going as Nate Berkus DIYers complete with the Gold hard hats from the show.  Slightly cheesy, but really fun, and we didn't need to buy anything for it! Score!! (We'll post some embarassing, goofy pictures on Facebook)

I warned you that this was a random post... here's one of our favorite fall mantles from Pottery Barn.  I love the sticks just wrapped up without even needing a vase.  How simple!!

Okay, and just to really finish this off randomly...  Tomorrow is the beginning of theThanksgiving season (not sure that's even a real thing, but let's pretend it is okay?) and I think this coat is a perfect Thanksgiving Season must-have.  If anyone sews and would like to knock this off, well I'd really love that!

Happy Halloween!

P.S. We have some fun posts in store for you this week... Design it Forward recap, Jess' final bathroom reveal, and an awesome giveaway on Friday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fab Find Friday

It's the weekend, everyone! Woohoo! We have a fun giveaway for you today to start your weekend off right. Remember our bloggy friend, Denise, from The Painted Home?  Well. she's throwing this awesome party called Dine & Design on November 17th.

This sounds like so much fun (espcially for us design-obsessed craftaholics who LOVE to eat, but we've been assured that you don't have to be crafty to enjoy this evening!). Flowers are the "it" accessory these days, so you'll be right on trend and can learn how to make them just in time for holiday gift-giving.
 Denise, the generous gal that she is, is giving away two tickets to this fab event to one of our lucky readers. And guess what? We'll be there too, and we can't wait to meet you IRL (in real life)!
Here's how you can enter:
1. Leave us a comment telling us why you want to win. (Mandatory)
2. Become a follower of RHBC and leave us a comment telling us you did. (Optional for an extra entry)
3. "Like" us here on facebook and leave us a comment telling us you did. (Optional for an extra entry).

If you just HAVE to be there and can't wait to see if you've won, you can order your tickets here. You don't want to miss this!

Ok, enough of my rambling, go enter! We'll pick a winner and announce him/her on Monday, October 31st.

Good luck!

*Oh yeah, one more thing! We'd love it if you'd head on over to the awesome blog,
 Craftaholics Anonymous. Our celebrity for Crafting with the Stars, Linda, invited us to guest post today! Thanks, Linda. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pallet Possibilities {Pallet Wall}

Phew! What a whirlwind of a day we had yesterday. Jess wrote all about the craziness in this post.  If you're new to our blog from The Nate Show, Crafting with the Stars, or the Intelligencer, WELCOME! We're super excited that you're here and we hope you'll hang out for a while!
Pallet Possibilities-Pallet Wall
We finished round four of Crafting with the Stars with a pretty awesome project that we'd been wanting to get working on in my (Monica's) house for months.  When the hubs and I moved into our house 12 months ago (holy moly it's been 1 year already!) we decorated 3 out of 4 kid's bedrooms.  I wanted to wait until the little man was out of his crib and into a "big boy bed" before tacking the room. 
Well, the crib is history and we were ready to make this tiny space small, but mighty!

Jess and I have a thing for pallets.  We've written a Pallet Possibilities post and Jess shared a pallet shelves post.  Well, this time we thought we'd take it to the next level and do an entire wall of pallet wood!

Here's how we did it: (Shhh... don't tell, but this was super easy and the wood was free!)

We called around and found places that were okay with us taking their pallets.  The hard part is taking them apart and not cracking the boards.  We started with a hammer or two or three... TIP: don't buy cheap hammers.  Then, we moved to a sawsall.  It worked okay, but not great.  Finally, the hubs bought a circular saw and we were in business!
We separated out the keepers and made sure we had a good blend of various lengths and widths.  We took out most of the nails for safety, but left a few for character (we put those pieces up high on the wall)
Thankfully my hubs is pretty darn smart and helped me and Jess figure out the layout.  We placed each piece on the wall temporarily just to see the layout and get all the cuts out of the way.  We don't have any great tips on this step, just find someone that likes doing puzzles and invite them over to help!
(You might notice that between breaking apart the pallets and doing the wall that I moved from a blonde to brunette.  2 hair colors in one post... is that a blogger foul? 
Once we had the layout, we took each piece down and labeled it so we'd know where to put it back.  We gave each row a number and a letter going from left to right... 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B etc...  Then we brought all the wood down to the garage to begin the fun part... sanding and whitewashing!
We sanded the wood lightly... we didn't want to lose cool character, but we didn't want splinters for the little man either. We arranged the wood as it would look on the wall, so that we could figure out how we wanted to whitewash the wood. 
Some of the "blonde" pieces of wood needed some grey stain to make them look a bit more weathered. 

To make our whitewashing colors we just filled cups with water and added a few dabs of paint.  It was trial and error.  We used the grey-blue wall paint, white paint, and some navy (which we used full strength).  We wanted cool tones, not the warm honey ones it originally had. 
(Will I ever remember NOT to wear sweatpants for all our projects?)
Once it was all dry, we were so thrilled with the colors and couldn't wait to put it back on the wall!
Before putting the pallet wood on the wall, we added some industrial looking lights.  The hubby did this part of the job because we don't mess with electric- we have our limits! We replaced the wood, got busy decorating and then pretty much fell in love with the finished product!
How do you like it? 
There are so many fun things in this room, and we'll be giving a play by play on each in some posts next week.  We're excited to share about the fun message board made from reclaimed barnwood! (Yup, we're still lovin' the reclaimed barnwood!)
Not too shabby for a FREE statement wall eh?  My son loves his new room and Jess and my only complaint is that we didn't try this fabulous project in one of our master bedrooms! We love it!

So there you have it!  Free pallets transformed into a crazy, cool statement wall! It was free, simple, and we totally think you should try this at home!

So, what pallet possibilities are you thinking of trying?

P.S.  Did you see us on Nate?  How'd we do?  We're counting down the days to Cancun and of course will take you all with us through the blog!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Big Day!

Welcome Nate Show Lovers!

Well, Monica and I are just over the moon today for several reasons (which I'll share in a moment), but we first want to say how flattered, humbled and thankful we are for all of your support, good wishes and super-nice comments over the past several months. We never dreamed our little blog would take off like it has, and we have YOU to thank for that. So, thanks! :)

So, here goes:
1. Remember that contest we entered called Crafting with the Stars? Well, we won. This contest was one of those things we were dying to do, but we didn't fully realize how much time and effort it would take from us. It was seriously like Design/DIY bootcamp! We are so excited to have won, since we were competing against some pretty fierce competition. In case you were wondering, here's the project that sealed the deal for us:

Check back tomorrow for all the details on how we made that amazing pallet wall, and how the room came together.

You can see how we did that fabulous fabric wallpaper here, how we transformed an old dresser into an amazing Anthropologie Dresser knockoff here, and how we took an antique table and turned into a gorgeous bathroom vanity here.

2. We were on the front page of The Intelligencer (our local Philly paper) today! We were happy to read such a nice article about us, and also share a little bit about our Design it Forward initiative!

You can read the whole article here, and see the video we shot with them here.
And 3) Of course, our 2nd appearance on The Nate Show aired today! We know you want to hear all about the behind-the-scenes stuff, so let's get right to it!

It all started with a crazy hectic arrival into NYC on Tuesday night around 10 PM . Monica and I got to stay at the very nice Lucerne Hotel a few blocks away from the studio. Well, not really stay there... we stopped in for about 2 hours after we redesigned the room.

We had a million ideas so we jumped right in and worked from 11-3 AM on our room design and then headed back to the hotel for a measly 2 hours of sleep. I must love you guys a lot to let you have a sneak peek at me getting ready that early in the morning!
Can you say tired eyes? 

Thankfully, after the magic of hair and makeup we looked somewhat presentable...
I honestly had no idea that Monica and I matched so exactly.  We were literally just running on adrenaline at this point, and I guess we're just lucky we remembered to put ANYTHING on under those aprons. Speaking of the aprons....could anything be less attractive? But we were thrilled to have our blog initials thrown in there for all to see. (We're so not afraid of the shameless plug! :)

So, this is the room in process. This was our first time doing a redesign on the actual set of the show. It was pure madness! There were a million people adjusting the lighting, checking our mikes (mics??!) and moving things around.

Tada! This is the room after we finished the show. We LOVED the way it turned out. I had the idea to use the foam core they gave us to do a board & batten treatment on the back wall, and Monica made that idea come to life! It added such a nice architectural detail for the focal wall. We also used the newspaper to create wallpaper- this is SO easy to do. Just spray the wall with spray adhesive and then give it a coat of matte mod podge to seal it all in. But forget all the good stuff, let's chat about the elephant in the room; the mason jar disaster in the corner of the room:

Our goal was to create somthing like this:
Unfortunately, with the limited materials we had on hand, our project didn't even come close to looking like that. Even Nate asked us what it was and if it was a place to store macaroni. Ugh. So embarassing. Moving on..... (please)

Using our perfect stripe painting method, we added navy blue stripes to our chair and whipped up two little pillows to throw on there. The stencil was a last-minute addition, which we LOVED.

And yes, the most exciting part of the whole ordeal was that WE WON and are already planning our trip to Mexico to celebrate our 30th birthdays in February. Woohoo!

Ignore the fact that we sort of look plastic (tv make up is simultaneously pretty and wierd, isn't it?) and that we look extremely sleep-deprived, and take a look at the gold hard hats and yellow roses we were awarded for our hard work.
So, if you're new to our blog, thanks so much for stopping by! We hope you'll come and visit us again (and again, and again, and again....:)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nate Berkus: Take Two

Good morning! We're so excited to watch our second appearance on The Nate Berkus Show later today and hope you are too! However, we're pretty sure the aprons we had to wear could be the least flattering article of clothing one could wear on TV, so that makes us a little less anxious to see the show. ;)

We created some pretty awesome projects for this episode that we're super proud of, and had one epic fail that we wish we could erase from history (and Nate's memory!). Check back later today for all the juicy behind-the-scenes details we know you really came to read about.  Plus, you can find out if we decided to use any of these things in our design:

If you're new to the blog, WELCOME! We're happy to have you here in our little slice of blogland. You can get a backstage pass to our big TV debut on The Nate Show here, and see all the fun projects we created for that show here.  Be sure to "like" us on facebook for even more info about the show and other projects we're working on!
Don't forget to check back this afternoon for an unprecedented second post of the day!

Board & Batten Love

Board and batten has been all the rage for a while now, but I'm still surprised at how many people haven't heard of it or ask, "What was it that you did below your fabric wall?" So, we figured it was high time we did our very own post on the infamous b & b. 

So, funny thing... being the English teacher that I am I thought I'd look for the official definition of board and batten, but it wasn't easy! So, here's the RHBC definition... Really awesome molding that is sort of chunky, with clean lines, and is arranged in fun rectangular shapes.  Sweet! Send that one to Mr. Webster for sure!

So, rather than walk you through a step by step tutorial about B & B, we'll just tell you to check out Censational Girl or The Nester's tutorials on how to install it. 

Instead, we're going to share with you another board and batten project that we helped out with.  Our gal pal Connie needed some design inspiration for her crazy outdated dining room.  Don't blame her, this was how it was when she moved in. YIKES!
Connie was picking my brain for ideas and I suggested b & b.  We jumped onto Pinterest and started getting inspired! Here are a few of the pins that got us all jazzed up!
Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

We love the extra rectangles in this style!

For Connie's room, she decided on a tall board and batten with a ledge for pictures. 
The construction was in process, but we needed to pick a wall color.  Connie was thinking some kind of chocolate color, so Jess and I went over to help her make the final decision.  Here's what we ended up with...
Ha! Doesn't look like chocolate does it?  We convinced Connie to trust us and she forged ahead with Olympic's Antique Moss green!
The first coat was a little scary, but we knew it would be fabulous at the end!
Here's the finished room... pretty darn cool eh? 

Just in case you're wondering... the C and empty frame are from Hobby Lobby.  We made a little accessorizing trip for the room. 

It's a pretty drastic before and after...
The ledge is just wide enough to rest picture frames on- nice planning!  We chose lots of wood frames in complimentary tones and did a combo of resting and hanging. 
So, between the bold, green dining room and my yellow office, are you feeling the board and batten love? 
Maybe, just maybe you'll be seeing a little B and B love in our episode of The Nate Berkus Show tomorrow??  (Spoiler Alert!!) Make sure to set your DVR and message us if you see it before 2pm! We have to wait all day to watch, so be sure to give us the play by play!

Wait! Don't Go! Did you vote for the Final Round of Crafting with the Stars?  Check out the final 3 projects, vote, and cross your fingers that it's for our project! Thanks so much!
Click HERE to Vote!