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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She's Gone Country...

While I should have been home preparing for a television shoot, I was off traveling in New England this weekend.  One of the highlights of our trip was a completely impulsive, spur of the moment, Taylor Swift concert with my daughter Makenzie.  I was completely impressed by Taylor Swift.  She was humble, thankful for the 52 thousand fans, and downright adorable.  As a mom, I was so thankful for the example she was in her style and the way she presented herself.  Her outfits were amazing, but they weren't immodest or trashy and the way she danced was fun and not overly sexy. 
I've always been a fan, but after last night I'm totally sold! 
 In honor of our special night together, I thought I'd take a little time and explore country style. 
My first thought when it came to country blogging and decor was The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven't checked out her blog, which really is WAY more than just a blog, you're missing out.  She has an amazing "Lodge" with a genuine country, mountain feel. 
As I began to explore country style I realized that even though I have a more transitional style, I'm really drawn the light colors and the primative storage used. 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Metal baskets like this were really popular this year.  There were tons of great DIY versions, that were pretty similar to these ones from Anthropologie
Who doesn't love a country kitchen? Again, the light colors and presence of white gives the room a soft, yet clean, crisp feel.  I'm loving the green cabinets and accents.

The blue and yellow in this kitchen is awesome.  It just so happens that they're the very same accent colors as my "coming soon" dining room.  I love the idea of open storage, but in real life, with 4 kids, that is just NOT going to work.

Even though I'm more of a modern or transitional girl, I do love me some farm table! I can't wait to show you our version later this week.  It's old farm meets Restoration Hardware (with 8 legs!)

Old wooden floors make me happy.  Right now we have laminate hard wood (a must have for our crazy kids), but someday I really would love to bring in old, weathered hardwood a pair it with my more contemporary style. 

Sometimes I wish I was a country girl because designing a country room seems so simple.  Lots of white, metal, and just a few accessories.  This bedroom is adorable and Jess would love the baskets under the bed.

I know this room isn't really country, but I feel like it's a modern take on country.  The colors are perfectly country, but the lines of the furniture and some of the accessories have a more modern feel.  This room is right up my alley. 

So, I might not have "Gone Country," but I did enjoy exploring the style.  Who knows, soon you might see me around my house, listening to Taylor Swift, and wearing this...(which btw I think is actually adorable!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fab Find Friday {The BEST One Yet!}

We're SUPER EXCITED about this week's Fab Find...

If you haven't heard... 
Our blog was found by Nate Berkus and we will be taping a segment for his show!

 We are Beyond Excited!
We're going to be taping next Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday the film crew will be taping a back story with our families and our homes (GASP! We have LOTS to get ready!) Thursday, Jess and I will be given a "Mystery Crate" filled with supplies and accessories to re-do a room in each of our homes.  Jess is doing her finished basement gameroom, and I'm doing our dining room.  The crazy part is that we only have one day, and we're COMPETING against each other! We're both two competitive girls, so this is going to be interesting and oh, so fun! In late August/September we will be brought to NYC for the show taping with Nate, in front of a live audience. 

 If you don't know about Nate... Where have you been??
He was a regular contributor as a designer on Oprah for years and now has his own show on NBC. 
His room designs and his own line of fabrics, and accessories are amazing.  Jess and I can't believe we're going to be working with someone so talented!

This is Nate's living room

This is his Great Room

 Who wouldn't want to work with this cutie?
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

So, pardon us if we're a little crazy in the next week or so... We're frantically working to get everything ready (well actually Jess is, but I'm on vacation for another 4 days!) We promise to take tons of pictures and to share this amazing experience with all of you!
Now, for the most important question...

What on earth should we wear?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Good Ol' Mason Jar

I'm going to attempt to share my adoration with mason jars with you, without completely embarrassing myself. I do love these guys. They are extrememly versatile, easy to find, and very inexpensive! What more can you ask from a decoration? Lately I've been seeing quite a few of these jars at flea markets in the light blue variety shown above, and the regular clear jars. If you aren't into scouring flea markets, my local grocery store carries them in boxes of 12 for less than a dollar a jar. I've used mason jars in a couple of projects over the past few months:

1. First, my daughter and I made cinnamon honey butter for our friends and neighbors at Christmas, and packaged it in small mason jars with the lids covered in fabric and tied with a ribbon and homemade mongram tag.

2. Next, I used them as a vase for the floral arrangements I made for my sister's sugar and spice baby shower. They were perfect.

3. And finally, I whipped up this arrangement this afternoon for a little something different on my dining room table. I had these leftover jars and an old drawer with pulls on both ends that I had been wanting to use. Then I remember that I had dried flowers from a visit to Pike's Place Market in Seattle a few years ago just sitting in closet. Within five minutes, I had a pretty new centerpiece for my table.

I'm thrilled with it! (But I've already decided to do something else with the jars. Ahh! Sometimes being impulsive is a curse. :)  And yes, I do need curtains for my poor naked windows, and yes, those are my custom bird art pieces in the back. Aren't they cute? *Side note: my hubs and I found our dining room table on clearance for $60.00 at a furniture store in Harleysville. Excellent find, if I do say so myself. Ok, enough about my mason jar projects! I've rounded up some great mason jar inspiration from the world wide web. Feast your eyes on these pretty pictures, and be inspired!

There are a million cute ideas for serving food and/or drink in mason jars but I thought these two were adorable.

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

Use small jars as individual cup for lemonade-genius! I love the decorative cut-out in the lid.

This is so sweet- who wouldn't want to eat pie from a jar? ;)
Both of these ideas utilize mason jars, clamps and a board. Easy as 1, 2, 3, I'd say. I absolutely love the toiletries stored in mason jars- such a great idea for a guest bathroom!

I can't wait to try out some of these simple projects!

In September, we are celebrating my parent's 40th wedding anniversary, and these pictures in a jar would be a great way to showcase pictures from their four decades together.

This is so much fun! This would instantly add whimsy to any room, and be a conversation starter, for sure.

These mason jar lanterns are SO easy to make, and I can't wait to give it a try. If you're looking for an easy way to update your porch or deck with ambient lighting, look no further.

And don't get me started on this. Isn't it gorgeous? I die.

So give me your thoughts: Are you a fan of Mason Jars
just like me? What projects have you done that include these simple beauties?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of a DIYer... {and Table Update}

We do a lot of projects... perhaps more than my wonderful husband would like to do... Some times I feel like this is my life...
Ok, don't judge me here, but I'm going to show you what state my garage was in about a week ago...
Two small tables about to be made into one BIG table, a million dining room chairs, exercise equipment for bootcamp, a buffet that is being refinished, and oodles of kid junk...
Please tell me your "work areas" look like this from time to time!!

If you remember, I posted about refinishing 14 chairs... well they seem to be EVERYWHERE! Perhaps they're multiplying??
 Here's the progess... I picked a charcoal grey that I am thrilled with.  Initially I was thinking black, but after painting one chair, I just wasn't feeling it.  Picasso had a blue period, so I can have a grey period. 
 Also, my "Chemist by Day, and DIY Assistant by Night" husband is making a farmhouse dining room table.  I mentioned our dining room troubles last month and he's now on the home stretch of the project.  Here's a mini update... I want to save the big reveal until after it's all stained and amazing!
Seiously, who needs a pickup truck when you have a minivan??
So here's the deal... we came across two identical 5 foot tables and good old Grandpop Bunney (yes, that's really his name) reminded us that
5 + 5 = 10
So, we're using both of the tables, adding support boards, and then building the new tabletop right over it! Now for a little more math...
4 + 4 = 8
Yeah, the table will have 8 legs, but it isn't all that noticeable, and it's a little quirky... just like us!
When the table reveal is done we'll give a better step-by-step, but really it's just wooden support beams cut to size, and then loooong planks going on top.  See how easy I make it sound, since I'm NOT the one doing the project. Hehe.
I'm really proud of the finished product (coming really soon!) and all of the hubs' hard work.  He puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas and projects that turn into "our" projects, which sometimes turn into "his" projects. 

So, this is my life as a DIYer and a wife... 
I wonder if E knew what he was getting himself into...


Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel-Inspired Design {Part 2}

New to the blog? This is Part 2 of a series on my discovery to creating a home that is comfortable and stylish. I find that thinking about the places I've been that have really impacted me and that I fell in love with, helps me discern what styles I want to incorporate in my home.  Each place has a certain feel that I would love to capture at home. To read Part 1, click here.

Have you ever been to Nantucket? (Sigh) It's probably my favorite place on the planet, other than my bed, and I think about it often. It is an island off the coast of Massachusetts that has a distinct New England feel. It's a combination of classic/preppy and casual/coastal. The homes on the island don't go for sale very often because they are passed down through generations, but when they do, they cost a pretty penny. Worth every bit, I'm sure.

I remember riding my bike right past this little, rose-covered gem with a white picket fence. Dreamy.

The towns (and there are only 2 on the island, I think) has great cobblestone walkways throughout.

If I could wake up in this room every morning, I'd be a happy woman. Lots of neutral tones, but the wooden bed and brick step add warmth and depth. And oh, the gallery wall and french doors leave me breathless. I get like that sometimes over rooms. No big deal. {Ahem}

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I love this painting. I'm already trying to figure out how to recreate one for cheap. More on that later. :)

Cedar shingles are so elegant and classic. They start out a light tan, and then as they weather, turn into that gorgeous, moody gray.

Of course, you have to enjoy a good, old-fashioned lobster bake when on the island, and who wouldn't want to do that in this adorable space? Aren't those red and orange stools fabulous? And the chandeliers are awesome too, and are totally an easy DIY project!

Even this outfit screams "Nantucket" and, if I could, I would wear that every day of my life. Yes, even for my kid's weddings, in case you were wondering.

So cozy. I adore the faded blues and tans, and the fabric on that pillow.

So, hopefully, now you understand my love for all things Nantucket. Stay tuned for Part 3 later this week!

It's good to be back from vacation. Happy Monday, everyone!