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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fab Find Friday {B2S & Irene Style}

So, those of us in Bucks County know that we're going to be getting a visit from Hurricane Irene this weekend.  Did you know that earlier in the week, we actually could feel a bit of the VA earthquake as well?  Crazy times here in PA.  Anyhow... today's fab find was going to be lots of fun ideas for going out and having a last hurrah before summer comes to a close (PA schools mainly head back to school this coming Monday)... but, since lil' old Irene decided to cross our path, I kind of changed my plans, because I don't want to be responsible for hundreds of people heading to the beach or something!
So, here's the revised version!

Back to School Family Movie Night
Let's start off the right way... how about a giveaway
Free 1 Night Redbox Rental
Use the code:
Did you know you can go online and reserve your Redbox ahead of time?  I'm a big fan of this because the hubs and I can pick the movie together, rather than it being a total surprise for one of us (which only works out about 50% of the time!).  There's one catch... you can't use a promo code online, so I just go online to see what's available, then send Eric to the kiosk with the code in hand. So, get online and pick a fun movie that the whole family will enjoy!

A Movie Night needs snacks right? 
Well, how cool would you be if you let the kiddos help you make lots of fun varieties of popcorn?  Remember the old school tins of popcorn that you used to get as a kid around Christmas?  My brother always loved having a variety flavors and I always thought the popcorn tasted like cardboard! I promise these recipes will be much yummier!
(Click on the picture below for the recipes)

You can keep this Movie Night simple or go all out with tickets, candy, props etc...

Either way, I'm sure your kids will love it and if Irene is crossing your path, hopefully everyone will be safe and have some fun memories of their Back to School Movie Night celebration!

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